Social Media Policy

Social media policy
Dunbar Rugby Football Club Social Media Policy April 2018

The purpose of this policy is to protect club members, minimise risk and ensure that Dunbar Rugby Football Club‘s social media is used appropriately .This policy covers all members of Dunbar Rugby Football Club. Materials published on the club’s various social media outlets is strictly controlled by the club’s IT Manager.
The Key Message Is : Think before you post !

Remember that anything you post may be impossible to delete completely from public records, and may be linked with you personally for the foreseeable future.
Posts on Dunbar Rugby Football Club social media or media linked to Dunbar Rugby Football Club‘s social media, be it photos, comments or links should not be inappropriate.
Users must not engage in activities or transmit content that is harassing , discriminatory, menacing , threatening ,obscene , defamatory , or in any way objectionable or offensive .
Each person posting must bear in mind that what they deem to be appropriate or inoffensive may be inappropriate or offensive to other members.
The Club’s social media outlets are used by all members as well as guests. Therefore anyone posting must ensure that content and tone are appropriate for children, senior citizens and vulnerable persons.
Users are personally responsible for what they communicate in social media and should remember that what they publish may be available to a wider audience over a lengthy period of time.
Users should not engage in any inappropriate chat with young members (remember, the term ‘young person’ means those under 18 years old).
Users should not criticise a player’s performance or make a personal attack on any player, coach, referee or other members.
Users must remember that the Club is run by volunteers for the benefit of all members, and show respect to our own Club and others.

2. Website

Our website will include fixtures, match reports, social events, pictures, Lotto details, membership and general news.
No offensive content or photos will be published.
Match reports will be fair, factual, positive and respectful of players, coaches and referees.
Photos of minis/junior players and supporters are not permitted on the website. Any photos of juniors/minis can only be posted in the closed Facebook Group removed.

3. Email

Email communication will be used to report fixtures, match reports, social events and general news.
Communication involving children will be directed through their parents.

4. Facebook /Twitter

Our Twitter and Facebook pages are open to all, so must never be treated as a Personal Page. We treat all social media postings, blogs, status updates and tweets as public comment.
Facebook pages for individual teams or groups must also comply fully with this policy.
Postings are to relate to Dunbar Rugby Football Club only. Any outside posts or links must be approved by the Chairman or Hon Sec.
Personal information about members will not be disclosed.
No statements will be made that are misleading, false or likely to injure the reputation of another person/club.
Comments and Photos posted will feature positive club news and events

5. Sanctions

Comments that are deemed to flout the above will be removed by the administrators and the person who posted them will be informed.
Destructive or negative users will be deleted/blocked from engaging with the club’s Facebook page, twitter account or website.
Abusive, discriminatory, intimidating or offensive comments will not be tolerated. Offending posts will be removed and those responsible will be blocked from the site.
Any Dunbar Rugby Football Club member who persistently posts inappropriate content will be dealt with by the club’s disciplinary committee .

Anyone who finds an inappropriate post or wishes to make a complaint should email details to [email protected]